Fung's Chronicles (2014)

Edmar Colon (saxophone)
Mao Sone (trumpet)
Kyumin Shim (piano)
Jonny Chapman (bass)
Anthony Fung (drums)

© Copyright - Anthony Fung Quintet / Anthony Fung Quintet (888295117388)

Cettina Donato Orchestra - Crescendo ​

USA-Italy, Jazzy Record Label, 2013
Waiting For Sunrise (2013)

Mao Sone joined the first track as an arranger and a trumpet player. 

© Copyright -Universal Japan

SkyFloor (2012)

Mao Sone- (trumpet, flugelhorn, guiro)
Hiro Suzuki  (drums)
Edmar Colon (sax)
Mike Bono (guitar)
Takafumi Suenaga (piano)
Jonny Chapman (bass)
Jah Baba - bata (drums)

© Copyright - Mizuho Music

The Legend Of Jazz Trio Meets Mao (2009)

Norio Maeda  (piano)
Yasuo Arakawa (bass)
Takeshi Inomata (drums)
Mao Sone (trumpet)

© Copyright - RCC Record