Mao Soné
as an educator

As an educator, Mao Sone has various experiences to work with many ages of any levels of students.
Not only he has done private lessons but also he taught preschool to early grades students at Fedu Jazz in the Dominican Republic, and Danilo Perez Foundation in Panama, as a part of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute Ambassador. He taught an ensemble class and brass instrument class at the Newport Jazz Camp 2016, organized by Berklee College Of Music, and the Newport Jazz Festival. 


Mao Sone is currently offering private lessons in New York City, and online Skype lessons.
If you are interested in taking lessons with Mao, 

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Some Feadbacks From Mao's Students

"Mao was an excellent teacher. He really took the time to listen to my brass problems."  
- C. C.
"I go to the music school that Mao was going to graduate.  when I saw his performance and composition at the school recital, I fell in love with him. His music is so meaningful,  original and beautiful.
In the lesson, he put emphasis on the potential of improvising music (jazz), and what makes you think and feel more musical when you improvise.
I struggled with dealing with theoretical information and techniques that I have been taught at the school. The information made me play more mechanically.
Then, he showed me the entrance to the creational improvisation . He also talked about how real general life, my habit, my ego, and all distractions in my life affect and relate to my musical choice.
One of the best lessons I ever had."
- Y. S. 

He knew everything that I needed to know about music.
For example, how to compose, how to improvise, how to build up compositions, how to arrange tunes, how to apply my knowledge to the compositions, etc. He has patience and he can teach for any levels of students. I highly recommend him, if you learn music. He is a super talented musician, a composer, and a teacher.
- M. N.

Lessons are for you!​​

”I want to learn how to play jazz"
"I want to get trumpet lessons"
"I want to be able to improvise"
"I want to learn how to compose a song"
"I want to improve my ear training skill”

For example, in the trumpet lessons...

You will focus on;

1 Basic 
The most important thing for improving your trumpet skill is to have your basic exercise routine. You will learn how to make the crystal sound and the clean attack. You will be asked to practice short daily exercises.

Etudes: Arban's complete conservatory method, Schlossberg "daily drills", C. Caruso "musical calisthenics for brass", Colin "Lip Flexibilities", Shuebruk "the complete Shuebruk lip trainers for trumpet" 

2 Reinforcing Basic
You will learn how to use the crystal sound and the clean attack on music. Some etudes will be assigned to practice.

Etudes: Concone "lyrical studies", Arban's complete conservatory method, Brandt "orchestra etudes", Smith "top tones" 

3 Performance Practice
You will practice actual material that you are going to play in the performance situation. You will be asked to transcribe some solos and practice. Some improvisational materials will be assigned. 
If you have any songs that you want to practice, it is welcome to bring it. 
The lessons can also help you for preparing auditions for music colleges.